UK : Nestlé takes risk with new Yorkies ads

Nest­lé has laun­ched a new cam­pai­gn for it cho­co­late bar Yorkie…into an exclu­sive male world. « It’s not for girls » clear­ly claims the ads !

A new trend ? A risk for the brand ?

A new mar­ke­ting cam­pai­gn by Nest­lé is daring to take the Yor­kie bar where no cho­co­late bar has gone before : into an exclu­sive male world.

Yor­kie , the chun­ky cho­co­late bar, has always been clo­se­ly asso­cia­ted with male doc-291.jpg consum­mers, from its ori­gins in the 1970s tru­cker adverts to the recent spon­sor­ship of foot­ball, but the adver­ti­sing cam­paing laun­ched in April 2002 is the first to state defi­nit­ly « it’s not for girls ».

The redi­si­gned wrap­per of the bar also car­ries a « no woman » tag, as the O of Yor­kie is trans­for­med into a mock high­way code sign ban­ning the fair sex.

The new cam­pai­gn runs a risk for Nest­lé, given that women make up the lar­ger pro­por­tion of cho­co­late eaters in the UK, but the com­pa­ny explains that is an anti­dote to the « femi­nine silks and swirls » of the other cho­co­late ads.