How to hire a design agency : tips from the pros…

On the net we can find out some very good advices. So thanks to you have your short list of desi­gn consul­tants in hand and you’re rea­dy to sche­dule cre­den­tials pre­sen­ta­tions. These advices are given by some desi­gn agen­cies them­selves. OK sirs tell us how to hire the best desi­gn agen­cy in the States…

Before you do, we thought you’d be inter­es­ted in hea­ring from some of the most sea­so­ned desi­gn pro­fes­sio­nals in the busi­ness as to how they view the hiring process.

Just some food for thought to help you get started.

1- Lan­dor Asso­ciates- Be sure to appoint a desi­gn team pre­pa­red to chal­lenge you. You don’t want them to acquiesce to your will at eve­ry turn ; they’re the experts in bran­ding and desi­gn solu­tions and that what you’re paying them for.

2- Enter­prise IG- Know who you’ll be wor­king with ; meet the pro­ject team, not just the busi­ness deve­lop­ment team. Some­times this is the same group, but often it isn’t.

3- Inter­brand- If your brand is glo­bal or inter­na­tio­nal, hire a firm with offices in your keys coun­tries to work clo­se­ly with your core team. This will get you both glo­bal and local expertise.

4- Futu­re­Brand- Be sure that those who did the work you like are still with the com­pa­ny. This is an indus­try known for a lot of movement.

5- Toniq- Seek rfe­sult : find out what kind of impactthe work had : was it suc­cess­ful ? Did it come to mar­ket ? Did the client rela­tion­ship continue ?

6- Ster­ling Group- Avoid paid pitches. Part­ne­ring with one firm ear­ly on and tho­rough­ly brie­fing them eli­cits the best results with the most depth. The­re’s a lot to be said for engen­de­ring loyalty.

7- Wal­lace Chruch Asso­ciates- Does the firm unders­tand the impor­tance of syner­gy across all media ? Will they be willing to meet and share ideas with your ad adgen­cy and others firms res­pon­sible for craf­ting your brand’s message ?

8- Source/Inc- Ask to see entire case stu­dies. Deve­lop­men­tal work is often far from more illu­mi­na­ting on the firm’s real capa­bi­li­ties than the desi­gn that ulti­ma­te­ly pro­du­ced. Ulti­ma­te­ly that’s what you’re buying…The firm’s ideas, its thin­king, its depth.

9- Inter­brand Gerstman+Meyers- Look for a firm that will add value to their assig­ment through stra­te­gic thin­king or spe­cial ser­vices. Many firms can desi­gn and execute.

10- DSI/LA- Desi­gn can and should be an active manag­ment tool, but get­ting good desi­gn and kno­wing how to use it are two dif­ferent things. A desi­gn firm should be able to edu­cate you about both.

11- Smith Desi­gn Asso­ciates- Make sure the firm can pro­duce, as well as create, good desi­gn. If a desi­gn concept you approve can’t be pro­du­ced within your cost and time para­me­ters, the desi­gn firm isn’t doing what it was hired to do.

12- HMS Desi­gn When hiring a desi­gn firm, think of choo­sing a team mem­ber rather than a ser­vice pro­vi­der. You want the people you have to be as emo­tio­nal­ly invol­ved in the brand as you are.

13- Lit­tle and Com­pa­ny- Keep and open mind when dis­cus­sing a firm’s expe­rience in your par­ti­cu­lar cate­go­ry. Ins­tead you should focus on the firm’sz thin­king, approach and crea­ti­vi­ty, all of which cut across categories.