Internet and brand-less packaging : who cares ?

Her­bert M. Meyers is a major per­so­na­li­ty of the Usa desi­gn indus­try. He kind­ly, has accep­ted to col­la­bo­rate to Admi­rable Desi­gn. He has foun­ded one of the most res­pec­table desi­gn agen­cy in the States : Gerstman+Meyers (now Intre­brand Gerstman+Meyers). Now he is an inde­pen­dant brand iden­ti­ty and desi­gn consultant.

In this fol­lo­wing article he deli­vers to us his opi­nion about packa­ging and cor­po­rate iden­ti­ty facing inter­net and glo­ba­li­sa­tion. Does it mean that desi­gn has no future ?

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